Pedigree for
Smooching On The Ridge

NWGDC GFC FC AFC Odyssey's Perfect Traveler
HOF DC AFC Sam Saint Max MH, OFA GSP-7695E
DC Kurzhaar's Ruger V Haven SH, OFA GSP-4141, CERF GSP-460 DC Hillhaven's Hustler OFA GSP-1782
Freigeist Bekannte V Laden CD JH, OFA GSP 3127E, CERF GSP-461
DC Odyssey's Saint Blitz MH, OFA GSP-4617 Jackie's Jernie Von Haag
Brownpoint's Rinky Dink
DC AFC Odyssey's True Colors FC Teton's Sport FC Sporty Von Rip Traf
An Illusion by Design (Merrill's)
Lottie's Leaper V Grief Fetch Inn's
Nutmeg V Savage
FC AFC H's Double A Flagship FC AFC H's Hedge Rise Ignited MH NFC FC Chisholm Creeks Cuttin Loose N/A
Hedge Rise Ignitor N/A
FC SM Queen High Flush FC Sin City Slick Ace N/A
FC Ryan's Molly N/A

Grand Children
Great Grand Children
Great Great Grand Children
1/2 Siblings
Karma On The Ridge

Karma On The Ridge

Litter Planned 9/1/2022

Litter due 04/28/18